Calculus UNIT304 What about parametrics?

2976 days ago by MATH4R2013

#1a) you are falling down a 1600ft well, f(t)=-16*t^2 f(t)=-16*t^2 g(t)=diff(f(t),t) show(f(t)) show(g(t)) #1b) How long before you hit bottom? How fast are you going then? show(solve(f(t)==-1600,t)) show(g(10)) 

#2a) you shoot a cannon ball straight up, f(t)=160*t-16*t^2 f(t)=160*t-16*t^2 g(t)=diff(f(t),t) show(f(t)) show(g(t)) #2b) How long before it starts falling? How high is the zenith? show(solve(g(t)==0,t)) show(f(5)) #2c) When is the cannon ball 256 ft high? How fast is it going then? show(solve(f(t)==256,t)) show(g(2)) show(g(8)) 

#3a) 83AB3a x(t)=t^3-6*t^2+9*t+11, find x'(0) f(t)=t^3-6*t^2+9*t+11 g(t)=diff(f(t),t) show(f(t)) show(g(t)) show(g(0)) #3b) 83AB3b x(t)=t^3-6*t^2+9*t+11, when is the object moving to the left? show(solve(g(t)==0,t)) show(plot(g(t),0,5))